My Quest for the “Perfect” RV #1

Searching for the “perfect” RV has been incredibly time-consuming – and tons of fun!  My main goal for now, since we’re not hitting the road until Spring, 2019, is to find a floor plan that I absolutely love! has become my main source simply because I’m only looking at floor plans (and weight) and their site is the easiest to use that I’ve found.  I can watch units I like for price changes or sales, and save my favorites to Pinterest to refer back to later.

Finding the perfect floor plan, or as close to it as possible is one thing. But there are other factors to consider as well.

  • How little can I spend on a tow vehicle? I want to be able to tow with an F150 or the Chevy Silverado 1500. The less expensive the tow vehicle, the better.  I’ve already decided that I don’t want a Class A or C. We will be staying in one place for 3 – 6 months at a time, and I would need to tow a car.  I don’t really want to tow a car and have two engines and another set of tires to maintain.
  • Here’s the hard part. I want most of the comforts of home (space), but also know that I  really don’t want to pull a 27′ – 30′ travel trailer or fifth wheel.  I only say that because I have absolutely no experience with towing anything and think it best to start off with something smaller. I think a fifth wheel will most likely require an F250 or 2500. The floor plan and space I’m looking for are generally in the 27′ – 30′ range. Additionally, the smaller trailers are great for weekend camping, but I haven’t been able to wrap my head around living in the smaller ones full-time. So there’s that.
  •  How much storage is available in the RV? I don’t intend to keep much of my personal belongings, ie. knickknacks, crystal wine glasses, etc.  Some things are a bit harder to give up – but I’m not going to rent storage space for anything.  I do need room for my yarn, paints, canvases, and winter clothing. Not to mention all the equipment required for the RV itself.

Knowing that there really is no “perfect” RV, I will have to make some concessions at some point to get as close to the perfect RV and tow vehicle combination as I possibly can. Last night I was scouring RVT yet again and lo and behold! I actually found the floor plan I’ve been looking for.  It’s the 2013 Cherokee 274FK. Awesome! Here it is.

I love the rear bedroom with access to the bath, as well as the front kitchen.  I also love that it has two entrances. This is my perfect floor plan! Now if I could only find one similar that is just a bit smaller! Strange, too, that this is the first rear bedroom/front kitchen travel trailer I’ve seen after looking for over a month (except in Class A’s and C’s). Are they not popular? Or maybe they are popular since I’ve only found one for sale. Maybe I should jump on it!

The quest continues.

Safe travels!


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