Research about the full-Time RV life Part 1

The RV lifestyle and community

It sometimes seems that research on full-time RV life raises as many questions as it answers.  I want to learn as much as possible about RV safety and towing, floor plans, etc. before hitting the road. One thing I’ve learned from reading RV related blogs and websites is that everyone in the RV community is so incredibly helpful and positive.  It seems everyone truly loves it and everyone is an amazing advocate for the lifestyle. I haven’t yet found anyone who tells the reader to run as fast as possible away from full-time RV’ing. I’m sure it’s not everyone’s cup of tea – but apparently those folks are not out there blogging about it!

What I’ve been thinking about

You get the idea of everything running through my head about the full-time RV lifestyle.  Many of you have been there, done that. I need answers! So, I immediately hit up the Internet. I’ve found some great RV websites, RV blogs, and YouTube RV videos that have been enormously helpful.

Sources for information

My mind is spinning a bit right now, but as I continue learning about the full-time RV life, I’ll have the confidence to move forward and enjoy living the full-time RV life. Already, I have pretty much decided on a 5th wheel. I like Class C’s, but they don’t provide me with the room I think I need – plus I don’t really want to pull a toad.

See you next time, and thanks for reading my blog.  I hope you’ll follow my journey here, or on Facebook or Twitter!


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