Sam’s New Life as an RV Pet – Part #1

Meet Sam!

Meet my side-kick, Sam! He is half Chihuahua and half Yorkshire Terrier – a Chorkie. Sam weighs 6 lbs. and just turned 2 years old. He doesn’t know his lifestyle is about to change dramatically — joining other full-time RV pets. I don’t think he’ll mind much as long as he’s with me. And like most dogs, he’s a great traveler. When he was a pup he mostly slept and/or vomited in the car. Now he’s a bit more interested in what’s going on and the changing scenery. But…. he still runs and hides whenever he knows I’m getting dressed to go out, afraid I’m going to put him in the car! He knows the difference between me getting dressed to go for a walk and me getting dressed to leave the apartment for other reasons. 


Sam’s LIttle Quirk

Sam has only one little (big) quirk, –  he barks (or growls) at every little thing (grrrrrr!),  so I’m a little worried about him in campgrounds. We’re working to correct that behavior. 

Sam loves to go on long walks (what dog doesn’t), and I take him on long brisk 1- 2 mile walks at least  4 – 5 times a week (except when it’s freezing outside in Indiana). He loves to meet people (esp. children) and dogs, but he does do more than his fair share of barking before he calms down.  If I pick him up he’ll stop barking (sometimes), but picking him up is not a real solution. He needs to learn to greet people and dogs without going on a barking tirade first. But, picking him up might end up being the only solution. Who knows? Send me tips! Strangely, when he is not leashed, his behavior is much different.

It’s funny (not) that every single time I babysit my grandchildren, he starts the low growl thing as soon as he hears the garage door open (I can hear it too) when Mom & Dad come home. If I don’t pick him up and start shushing him, he will bark at them as if he has never seen them before when they come into the house! Really, Sam!?

I’m not kidding!

If you’ve read my other blog (and you should) about my family genealogy, I talk about my “haunted” ancestral home in Virginia. We stayed there when Sam was just a little pup. He spent three nights there, in bed with me, in that low growl mode – for hours! There wasn’t a sound in the house discernible to the human ear – nothing! There were three other dogs in the house sleeping peacefully. What was Sam’s low threatening growl all about? He persisted with the low growl, no matter how much I tried to quiet and calm him – and he always looked in the same direction – at the closet! He eventually slept, but boy howdy were they long (annoying) hours! After spending the daytime running unleashed around 13 acres with two other very large dogs he had to give out eventually! I wish I could give him that freedom to roam and run unleashed more often. 

We’ll figure it out!

So, yeah. Life with Sam in an RV campground will be interesting, to say the least. I’m working on his barking issues. Send me solutions!

I know many of you have pets living with you full-time in an RV and are dealing with your own doggie personalities and quirks. I thought this might be something fun to do. Sam will check-in on occasion to let you know how he’s loving his new life! I know he’s going to love being a full-time RV pet! 

Safe travels!




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