Should I or shouldn’t I? The decision to become a full-time RV’er.

I’ve been thinking about becoming a full-time RV’er for many years. The dream of living full-time in an RV and traveling (slowly) through the U.S., Canada, and possibly Mexico.  For the past few years, I’ve been living in Indiana, where my son, daughter-in-law, and my three grandchildren are. Just a few months ago my son started talking about selling their house to become full-time RV’ers, homeschool their kids, and work camp along the way. Couldn’t believe what I was hearing and did a little dance to the music to my ears!

I came close to buying a travel trailer about 4 years ago when I left Arkansas and was planning a move to Virginia. I found it on Craigslist and had talked to the seller. My plans were to live in the RV on my family’s farm in Virginia. Using Northern Virginia as a base camp, I could travel to Florida in the winter (where most of my family lives) and to Indiana (where my son was living) in the spring and/or summer months.  When the mood struck, I could take a trip or two during the year to other places. Sounded perfect to me!

Unfortunately (not really) I was in the process of getting a divorce when I was planning to leave Arkansas. On the advice of an attorney, I didn’t purchase that RV (that whole marital property thing) even though I knew my soon-to-be-ex would not interfere. So I moved all my belongings to Virginia and moved into the big family farmhouse.  The farm has been in my family since the 1600’s. The farmhouse is huge and was built in the 1920’s. If you’re interested in genealogy, you can read all about my family history at

My son kept hinting that I should move to Indiana. Long story short, after nearly three months on the farm I moved to Indiana. For the past three years, I have loved being able to watch my grandchildren grow – they are 9 (girl), 8 (boy), and a 15-month-old (girl). When my daughter-in-law works (outside the home), I take care of the children during the day – mostly just the baby when the older ones are in school. I also do my fair share of babysitting for Mom & Dad’s date nights. Being here for birthdays and holidays has been great!

Imagine my surprise when my son started talking about living full-time in an RV and traveling around the country (they’re quite serious).  I quickly determined that they wanted me to come along!  So right now, the plan is to leave Indiana in the Spring of 2019. It was an easy decision for me – you’re damn right I’m coming along! Someone has to watch the kids while they work! I’m sixty-three years old, a breast cancer survivor, and there’s no time like the present, right?! We will most definitely face many challenges along the way, but I know the rewards will far outweigh them. I am imagining spending a summer in Yellowstone, Canada, or Alaska already. The experiences for the grandchildren will be priceless.

I have been researching RV’s, full-time RV’ing, work camping, boondocking, domicile, mail forwarding services, trucks, and especially the cost of that lifestyle for a couple of months now. Hopefully, by springtime, I’ll have it mostly figured out and will be ready to roll.

I’m Deb and we’re about to become a full-time RV family – with two RV’s, three kids, and a dog. It’s going to be fun! I look forward to sharing this adventure with all fo you. Wish us luck!


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